Many of our clients request information on common topics–various areas of information technology, Web marketing, and computer maintenance. On a regular basis, Protected Harbor sends helpful tips and answers to frequently asked questions to its clients. This archive of Technical Tips is provided free of charge to visitors to our site and is arranged by category (Web Sites, Computer Repair, Computer Maintenance, and Email) for ease of searching.


Protected Harbor specializes in search engine optimization–maximizing your site’s position on Web browser search engine results. But this is only one component of a comprehensive Web marketing plan.


Professional IT service support from Protected Harbor can secure your company’s critical data, applications, network, and IT systems from the vulnerabilities of everyday business practices. Contact Protected Harbor to understand how we can partner with your business to make it grow securely in today’s business environment.


We use large-company computer technology to support organizations that do not have a large, full-time support staff. This allows our customers to reduce costs, increase productivity, and take advantage of the latest technologies.

Application Support

“Our systems keep crashing.”

“I wish I knew where our files are now.”

“Our systems are very slow.”

“It is taking far too much time and money to maintain the office computers.”

“I can’t keep up with all the application updates on all the computers.”

Protected Harbor’s staff expertly and efficiently resolves these common complaints. With our rapid application support, by keeping current on updates, and by maintaining system components, we can assure our clients that downtime will be a thing of the past. Our back-up systems and procedures are bullet-proof, ensuring that no files will be lost.

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Website Development And Hosting

“I wish it was easier for me to make website changes.”

“I wish I could update the website myself; it is so expensive.”

“I wish I could make my own quick changes to the website.”

Web-hosting companies make website changes difficult and complex, because it is in their interest to do so. Web- hosting companies use two techniques to maximize revenue: (1) they charge for each website change and/or (2) they put hundreds of websites on a single server. One reason a website is unreachable is because another site on the same server is using all the available bandwidth–reducing access to your site.

With its easy-to-use content management system, Protected Harbor puts website control back into the client’s hands. Our clients can make changes to their website quickly and simply, or they can have Protected Harbor implement the changes for them, with those subscribing to the service receiving free unlimited changes.

Contemplating a new website? Our Web design professionals choose from over 50 templates to construct a site that fits your needs, including the ability to accept credit card transactions, promote a service-oriented business, and, of course, to maximize your placement on common search engines.

Redundancy and control are critical areas for Web-hosting organizations. Protected Harbor utilizes redundant and remote back-up servers, and our ability to rapidly address any server issues to ensure our clients’ websites are always operating (no “Web page not found” messages) and on-line.

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Email Systems

“My Email is not working.”

“I sent Email hours ago and it never arrived!”

“I wish I could get my updated schedule while I am on the road.”

Most Email providers cannot handle the low-level technical details.This leads to lost, missing, or delayed Emails. Building on a firm technical foundation, combined with multi-server redundancy, means no more lost or missing Emails, ever.

In addition, Protected Harbor can synchronize smart phone contacts, calendars, and notes with the IT system and integrate them so they are easily available.

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Web Marketing

“Why doesn’t our site appear in Google search results?”

“Nobody can find our website.”

“How do we get more visitors on our site?”

Web-hosting companies will sell you a website placement package for a very attractive monthly fee, while additionally promising submission to lots of search engines. The reality is that few deliver on those promises, and those that do, offer quantity, not revenue-generating quality.

Protected Harbor specializes in search engine optimization–maximizing your site’s position on Web browser search engine results. But this is only one component of a comprehensive Web marketing plan: Protected Harbor will work with you to uncover the keywords and meta-tags that best describe your organization and its services; create ghost sites for referring links, create interactive forums, blogs, and newsfeeds to keep visitors engaged and coming back to your website; and use smart target technology to increase overall site visits.

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