Protected Harbor’s Inclusive, Fixed-Price Plan for Technology Support and Service is a BETTER VALUE!

Operations, assistance, support, troubleshooting for a fixed monthly price. Stop increasing computer pain and costs.

 In-house Technical StaffYour Outsourced IT VendorThe Protected Harbor Solution
Pricing ApproachSalaries/benefits. Consider productivity issues (extended hours may be prohibited).A-la-carte, each problem is a new cost. Slightly better than internal staff but not comprehensive support.All-inclusive, fixed price.
Philosophy Towards Client SupportStaff typically overworked because of work hour limitations—therefore, limited ability to fix problems. Charges for travel time.Vendor looks for the quickest solution: When the problem reappears, it is treated as another opportunity for additional revenue. $100/hr charges for travel time.Because of our all-inclusive, fixed price policy, we want the problem solved the first time. We solve the most difficult problems —regardless of how long it takes—without any additional cost, including travel time.
Training CostsAnnual training costs per employee, resulting in down time.Limited exposure to educational environments.No additional costs — all of our techs work daily in the educational environment.
Exposure to New TechnologiesLimited opportunities to be exposed to general technology trends.Unknown—typically limited.Constant exposure to new technology. We are implementing new technology constantly.
Hardware Installation and RepairRepair typically occurs during the work day, resulting in extended down time.Vendor charges to come onsite to evaluate, process, and work on the problem. Parts have to be shipped onsite.Can be included within the flat rate package: Any breakage/repairs at no cost; time for repairs also included in the flat rate.
Hardware CostsSignificant cost to the organization, resulting in higher IT budgets than necessary,Charges for hardware, installation, configuration, data transfer, set-up, etc.Can be included in the price—we supply hardware for the client’s use, at no additional cost.
DowntimeExtended down time: Staff must come onsite, determine problem, contact hardware supplier, and obtain parts.Extended down time: Vendor must come onsite, determine problem, contact hardware supplier, and obtain parts.Minimal down time: We use two hardware models and maintain a supply of parts on site.
InterruptionsStaff comes onsite during the day, disrupting the office.Vendor comes onsite during the day, disrupting the office.We perform maintenance during off-hours, minimizing workday interruption and maximizing productivity.
 In-house Technical StaffYour Outsourced IT VendorThe Protected Harbor Solution
Typical Issues:   
Smart Board Installations4 hours—if the staff has experience.$400+ per board.Included in fixed price.
Virus Scanning and Removal2+ hours per problem.$150-$500.Included in fixed price – we can perform this work during off hours.
New Computer Set-up3 hours per machine.$150-$oo.Included in fixed price.
Email Hosting & ChangesSeveral hours per month.$250 per month.Included in fixed price.
Backup and Hardware MonitoringAlmost never performed—until it is too late.$100+ per month.Included in fixed price.
Software and Operating System UpgradesCan take up to 4 hours per machine.$100+ per machine.Included in fixed price.
After Hours SupportExtremely expensive—if at all possible.$125+ per hour—if available.Included in fixed price.
Software Support QuestionsAlmost always referred to vendor.$100+ per month.Included in fixed price.

Does your current support approach provide unlimited 24/7 support for a flat monthly rate? We provide the best support in the end-user’s environment or office!

Our approach is best for all organizations because:

  • We are focused on delivering value to the end-user.
  • Maintenance and routine tasks are performed during off-hours, ensuring maximum office productivity during the workday.
  • No internal IT employees—reduces costs, and offers an economical flat-rate service.  No internal IT employee training costs—all of our employees are fully trained.

Protected Harbor offers diverse technology experience:

  • Our staff uses ChromeBooks, remote Smart Boards, Windows Tablets, and Android Tablets daily.
  • We are constantly being trained on and gaining exposure to the newest technologies that can provide value to your organization today.

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