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Protected Harbor Helps Strengthen & Grow Company that Serves Individuals with Intellectual Disabilities

Non-profit organization, HARC, Inc. contracted Protected Harbor and saw its IT challenges dwindle as Protected Harbor started taking a more proactive approach to keeping the company’s systems up to date. 

Gregory is the COO at HARC, a non-profit that serves individuals with intellectual disabilities. He recently inherited the task of overseeing the company’s IT department and needed a partner like Protected Harbor to be successful.

Prior to working with Protected Harbor, HARC’s IT department was reactive in dealing with any IT issues. The company’s system was failing; with down email and Internet problems. After starting their working relationship with Protected Harbor, HARC quickly saw that having an IT service provider with a team who is constantly monitoring and available through an on-call system and call center, made their day-to-day operations much more effective with less down time. 

Not only that, HARC was facing huge costs to employ a more reliable Internet Service Provider (ISP) for its headquarters. Protected Harbor stepped in and found a way to bring in a better ISP with no huge upfront costs, much faster speeds and peace of mind.

Protected Harbor – a Trusted IT Partner

Like with most non-profit organizations, every dollar counts. Protected Harbor didn’t just solve IT challenges for HARC, but they became a trusted partner to HARC which their IT direction and advice helps protect HARC’s resources. Protected Harbor worked hand-in-hand with HARC as they made important purchasing decisions in updating, replacing and keeping up with technology changes.

“We have a great relationship with Protected Harbor. They aren’t just a vendor, but they have become a great partner for HARC,” Grant said. “It’s a very collaborative and wonderful partnership, and we feel we can count on Protected Harbor.”

Protected Harbor has provided direction and consulting on enhancing HARC’s WIFI for its 6-story, 13,000 square-foot facility in Hartford, CT. Like with this, Protected Harbor oversees and executes special projects including working with other vendors to ensure the best outcome.

“They’re just a phone call away. They are willing to sit in on a meeting and to help us afterwards to debrief and understand what we do and don’t need,” said Grant. “They give us things we should ask and look for and give better explanations. Protected Harbor is a tremendous resource.”

Constant Monitoring & Ongoing Proactive Approach

Protected Harbor’s team backs up HARC’s systems daily while providing IT support for each work station. They work tirelessly to ensure HARC’s 500+ employees are operating at top speed.

Now, each work station is connected directly to the Protected Harbor help desk and the changes have been apparent.

HARC helps people with intellectual disabilities and their families by advocating for their human and civil rights and by providing community-based services throughout their lives. 

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