Redefining Your Organization’s Relationship With Technologytle

How Protected Harbor Can Transform a Technology
Problem to a System Solution by
Integrating Technology into the Work Process

We are organizational technology specialists. Our experience allows us to collaborate with front-line workers, administrators, and senior leadership to obtain high-value solutions to today’s workplace technology challenges. Protected Harbor’s capabilities and services for the include:

  • Cloud Hosting ACT
  • Automated and Secure Backup Technology
  • Outsourcing Solutions
  • Active and Critical Monitoring
  • End-User Desktop Support
  • Auditing and Consulting Services
  • Support, Training, and Fixed-Rate Service Plans
  • Productivity Monitoring
  • Email Hosting and Service Support
  • Communication Services
Protected Harbor’s 3Cs for Success

Collaboration: Transforming technology is above all a collaborative process in development, planning, and execution.
Communication: Protected Harbor focuses on continual progress and program updates.
Colleagues: Protected Harbor works with existing IT staff or outsources the IT department, with a state-of-the-art response and support system.

In addition, we focus on training workers to use the technology in ways that will help them every day to execute the organization ‘s mission. Protected Harbor helps staff grow in confidence and in comfort with these systems, encouraging them to develop their own additional ways of using the technology.

“The IT infrastructure at our school district was frustrating. I couldn’t get real answers to why we were having so many technology problems. Within only 1 month, Richard Luna and his Protected Harbor team reviewed our situation systematically, saw the entire picture, and bore down to the root problems. I can ‘t believe how easy this process was. Protected Harbor gave it to me in bullets—this is what you have, this is where you really want to be, and this is how we get there.”
—Cheryl Kloczko, Superintendent, Torrington (CT) School District
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