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Portal delivers the information relevant to the users and provides a user-friendly view of the enterprise. Organizations can achieve high-performance by investing in portals, as portals reduce operational costs, increase return on investments, improves collaboration and unlocks the knowledge of the existing enterprise using web 2.0. Companies are faced with the challenges of having a predictable and sustainable portal investment, unification of information silos, and control and governance over information flow.

Protected Harbor is a proven leader in portal project engagements. We ensure that companies realize the tangible benefits of portals across the value chain for more efficient customer service, supply chain response, employee collaboration, and knowledge sharing. We deliver portal solutions for varied industry verticals leveraging leading platforms and technologies in a vendor-independent manner. Our vast library of reusable assets includes standard portlets, components, algorithms, and industry leading best practices, which helps us in delivering high-quality portal solutions.

Our portal strategy aims at delivering the “Right Information” to the “Right People” at the “Right Time.” Some of the many business benefits that you can achieve from our solutions are:
-Additional Revenues
-Cost Reduction
-Improved Opportunity Management
-Information Convergence Across the Enterprise
-Productivity Improvement
-Successful Business Ecosystem Creation

At Protected Harbor, we offer a broad spectrum of services from consulting to implementation and maintenance. Our team of technology experts provides world-class portal services from consulting, design development, integration and support services. We help customers with:
-Business Strategy
-Governance Management
-Technology Execution
-User Experience Design

No matter what stage you are at in the lifecycle of portal deployment, we can provide services that can help you unlock the true potential of your portal investment.

Portal Accelerator Solutions

Protected Harbor’s portal accelerator solutions help industries develop a new class of enterprise portals. Based on industry best practices and the Protected Harbor | Approach, our portal accelerator solution program helps transform your business just in 12 weeks.

Manufacturing Industry – World-class, best-of-breed portal accelerator solutions designed to help manufacturing industries boost their business growth.

Chemical Industry – Designed to deliver important benefits to chemical industries through a highly efficient, portal accelerator solution.

Partner with Protected Harbor for A Successful Portal Implementation!

Protected Harbor has a stakeholder value-creation approach to portals which ensures the business results for each stakeholder. Below are some our key differentiators:

-Continuous focus on delivering measurable business results
-Protected Harbor ROI measurement framework supported by business process impact analysis
-Superior user experience design with integrated delivery of information and services
-Sustainability and predictability of portal infrastructure achieved by standardization of the underlying technology architecture
-Maintain a portfolio-view of the change impact to develop resolution techniques and assess user absorption capability
-Broad spectrum of portal product expertise from Oracle, Microsoft SharePoint, IBM WebSphere, BEA Weblogic, Vignette to Protected Harbor’s proprietary portal software SyncEx

Best practices for tracking project success and end-user absorption using a set of metrics focused on utilization and perceived business impact

Portals and Content Management Solutions Offered
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