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Protected Harbor provides Information Technology (IT Services) to businesses worldwide in several industries from retail to transportation & logistics to non-profit and charitable foundations. For decades we have been solving IT problems by providing managed cloud services, secure mail, disaster recovery, emergency repairs and application hosting.

In 1991, Protected Harbor began as an off-shoot of an earlier software company that focused on the password reset solutions for large Fortune 100 help desks. 

With that experience, we went from serving businesses in the lower Hudson Valley, New Jersey and Connecticut to working with businesses nationwide and beyond with various customers worldwide.

Our headquarters are in New York where we have on-site technicians that work with our customers 24/7. With additional remote staff, we are able to manage our four data centers. 

Protected Harbor built on the experience gained during its time as a software company and targets smaller organizations that do not have Enterprise IT resources. Protected Harbor solves complex IT problems that other IT companies can’t or won’t solve. Why? Because at Protected Harbor we have the right team, resources, experience and drive to help you get to the root of any complex IT issue. We don’t just patch things up temporarily, we find long-term solutions so you can focus on your business.

We do work with organizations that have existing IT staff and we become an additional resource to that department to help solve more complex problems and be more reactive. Protected Harbor focuses on direct end-user support while ensuring that a company’s back-end operations (i.e. computer networking, Web servers, Web hosting) run smoothly.

Protected Harbor combines our skills and abilities with a unique cost model, flat-rate unlimited maintenance support. This model was developed to allow technicians more time to resolve core issues instead of the per-hour band-aid approach. Other IT companies invoice per hour which results in more charges and more ongoing problems, as well as rushed and/or incomplete projects. Our model is to investigate each issue for the core problem, not just solve what the end-user sees, but find the source of the problem and provide real solutions. Many times, problems are caused by a lack of maintenance and our pricing model allows for maintenance to be performed at night.

Protected Harbor offers 24-hour, 7 days a week support and typically we are busier at night installing updates or performing maintenance than we are during the day. Our model converts the typical per hour IT approach, which is more reactive once something is broken and requires fixing after much frustration, into a no interruption reactive approach.  

We are available 24/7 to provide assistance.

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